Human biology is inherently regenerative. Our bodies grow from childhood until we reach maturity. We heal from injuries and sickness. Our skin, for instance, renews itself fully every 28-60 days depending on our age and health.

Our ability to heal declines with age, sickness or chronic stress. However, we can slow and even reverse the deleterious effects of aging with supplementation and care.

Carmell’s philosophy is to use ingredients that are “Built by Biology, Just as Nature Intended” to replenish bio actives that are central to our health. We do not believe in “Hero products” that are fundamentally incomplete leaving the consumer to wade through a bewildering set of choices, mix and match products that may interact with each other adversely and may still far short of delivering quality care.

Stem cells have a near mythical place as a tool of regenerative medicine. However, stem cells are found in almost all tissues of the body. Unlike embryonic stem cells, adult stem cells are not pluripotent and generate specific kinds of tissue. For example, stem cells found in the bone marrow give rise specifically to blood cells (red, white, and platelets).

Because blood circulates throughout our body, blood cells play a key role in keeping us alive and healthy. Red blood cells carry oxygen, white blood (immune) cells protect us from disease whereas platelets are responsible for healing.

Depending on our health, we have 150,000-450,000 circulating platelets per microliter of blood. However, platelets are not biologically active until they are activated. When platelets are activated, they break apart to release a large number of growth factors, proteins and peptides.

Carmell spent 7 years and over $60 million developing a comprehensive process to extract the Platelet Enriched Plasma secretome in a shelf-stable formula. In addition to process development, we took great care to study the safety and potency of the Carmell Secretome.

The following peer-reviewed publications provide more information:

Our skin is composed principally of proteins (75-80%) and lipids (5-15%). Carmell uses lipids that are part of healthy human biology:

Ceramides are the most important lipids in our skin. We use 3 kinds of ceramides in our products. 

  • Ceramide EOP is crucial for maintaining skin hydration and promoting a smooth texture.
  • Ceramide NP plays a pivotal role in the skin's barrier function, preventing moisture loss and enhancing structural resilience. 
  • Ceramide AP contributes to the structural integrity of the skin to support its ability to withstand environmental.

Squalane is a stable form of squalene (found in sebum). Squalene prevents Trans Epidermal Water Loss by creating a natural occlusive layer. It also counteracts the damaging effects of UVA exposure. Squalene levels are known to drop as we get older. Hence, topical squalane supplementation helps with skin hydration and address sun damage.

Other skincare companies use cheap petroleum byproducts or vegetable oils such coconut or sunflower oil as emollients - these form a thick film on the skin resulting in an oily sheen and clogged pores.

Our skin's turgor, resilience and pliability is correlated with hydration. Carmell uses a combination of hydration agents based on healthy human biology:

  • Low molecular weight Hyaluronic Acid penetrates into the skin to deliver deep hydration.
  • High molecular weight Hyaluronic Acid stays in the upper layers of the skin to plump skin.
  • Urea is being touted for its hydrating ability but its smell can be off putting. We use Allantoin which is a metabolite of urea and has powerful hygroscopic (water loving), keratolytic (skin renewal) and anti-microbial properties. 
  • Of the 14 essential vitamins required for healthy living, humans are able to synthesize only Vitamin D and B3. The remaining vitamins must be supplemented. Vitamins are key to ensuring the structural integrity of our skin, its ability to fight off infections and counteract the corrosive effects of radiation, pollution, stress and aging.
  • Similarly, we need micronutrients like minerals to ensure healthy physiology. For instance, Zinc helps address chronic inflammation.
  • Botanicals like bakuchiol, bisabolol and chitosan have a range of potent health benefits and are a staple of Ayurvedic, Chinese and Korean health regimens.